Rock & Roll with Eric Hutchinson…

January 15, 2009

Ok, so the first time I heard ‘Rock & Roll’ by Eric Hutchinson on the radio, it was a few months ago. I immediatley fell in love with his voice, and that song – it’s just so addictive! What the radio station didn’t announce after the song who was singin. So sadly, i waited for it to play again – and I waited, and waited, and waited. And then I just forgot.

Luckily, a couple of weeks ago, ‘Rock & Roll’ played on the radio and I immediately got that feeling again. They announced his name and I went straight to itunes to buy the single. After listening, I ended up buying the entire album (um, his third cd…where have I been?).

I was definitely not expecting a tall, skinny, white boy (not that I was disappointed, it was just a shock). He seems like a charming, down-to-earth, sweet guy – but Eric’s soulful, catchy, and upbeat songs to me sound like a mix of Stevie Wonder and James Morrison. They are the perfect songs to play when you’re in a funky mood, or want to get yourself moving (literally running). My favorite’s on his third debut, Sounds Like This, are (of course), Rock & Roll, Oh!, and OK, It’s Alright With Me.

Bottom Line. Great sound. Talented artist. This guy is definitely Grammy Bound!

Check out Eric’s Rock & Roll video below.


Custom Invites and Save the Dates!

January 14, 2009

I recently designed these Save the Dates for two of my great friends – Chris & Marisa who are getting married in Mexico! It’s so fun to really know a couple and create a custom design that works best for both of their personalities – and for the event. I see so many invitations & Save the Dates that don’t reflect the personality of the person/people who are sending them. Makes you want to throw them right in the trash can.

That was not the case in creating these these colorful, fun, mexican-themed Save the Dates. I’m looking forward to the wedding! Ahh, if only I could be in that chair, on the beach with a margarita right now… I would be the happiest girl in the world!

– klevergirl

Decorating Inspiration: White and Bright!

December 2, 2008

So, I just found this image online and it was totally inspiring for my dream home decor! Although white furniture for most households is a big no-no, I just can’t help but love the simplicity of this room – especially that lovely sofa couch! This room is just so pretty and makes you want to designate an area in your own home for an immaculate room that you only go in once in a blue moon. I’d love to sit on that couch, drink tea and eat tiny cookies with a girlfriend. Doesn’t that sound fun?

Here are a few white items that I found that would look great in your own white room (that is if you are childless)…and I found them all at Crate and Barrel!

Rickroll…blast from the past? Or is he back?

November 27, 2008

As I was preparing my appetizers for today’s Thanksgiving dinner, I happily had the Macy’s Day Parade on in the background. A blast from the past moment was when Rick Astley magically appeared on one of the floats. I quickly put down my knife, stopped cutting my vegetables and got 2 feet way from the TV to watch what was coming next. I admit it…I was extremely excited to hear him “sing” his 1987 hit ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’…an oldie but damn goodie! He’s still adorable as ever…hair not quite as red and he has definitely put on a few pounds, but come on, it was over 20 years ago! That makes him about 45 years old?! Next, avoiding my T-giving duties even further, I went on YouTube and was pleasantly surprised by all of the Rick Astley fan videos! (and thanks to a VH1’s Pop Up Video, I learned a lot about his past too. BTW, what ever happened to Pop Up Video?) Anyways, here’s a music video I found on YouTube – you’re gonna remember just how much you loved Rickroll (FYI, this what all his fans call his music).

I hope this guy makes a big come back! But can I make one request to Rick? Please don’t stop making cheesy love songs…that’s what we love about you.

Jon Stewart + Baby Wit = Love

November 13, 2008

While doing research for a current gig that I working on, I ran across this great online site – while googling for “rocker onsies.” If you are as big a fan as I am of The Daily Show, than this is a must-have onesie for your wee one!

Now I don’t even have kids, but I had to grab one for my sister’s new little guy, Parker. She and her husband Fab are huge Jon Stewart fans (and will hopefully will not read this!).

Wonder if they have Stephen Colbert & Rain dance-off onsies out there somewhere? If your not familiar with Rain (um, Time magazines most influential person last year?! Duh!)…check out the video…absolute comedy!

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Red velvet ice cream? You’re killing me now.

October 28, 2008

I have to admit, with the weather get colder, I’ve been craving hot apple cider, hot chocolate, and every single “spiced” flavored coffee they put out there for you at Starbucks. But today was different, it was the coldest day yet, and I was craving…ice cream?! The body works in weird ways.

Anyways, after having a long day of running errands (is buying a pair of new boots an errand?), I NEEDED to treat myself (and my ridiculous craving!) to something chocolaty and cold. I pulled into the first place I could find because my taste buds were getting the best of me. I pulled into Maggie Moo’s. Now, I’ve passed Maggie Moo’s Ice Cream and Treatery for the many years, but NEVER allowed myself to go in. Boy did I ruin that because today I had the best ice cream flavor that I have ever had. Hands down. I had their new Red Relvet flavor and I of course put a topping in it – chocolate chips. I am a sucker for the amazing red velvet cupcakes that have choc chips in them from the cute cupcake shop down the street and I was trying to imitate the flavor. Let me tell you, it tasted exactly like the cupcake!

For years, I thought Maggie Moo’s was just a local joint, but I was completely wrong when I saw that they had Nicole Kidman’s favorite flavors posted like a trophy. This is a very large franchise. Who knew? Check out and see if there’s one in your neighborhood. Try the red velvet, or even one of their trademarked flavors I was eyeing – Better Batter, Cinnamoo, Cool Mint, Buttered Popcorn…and the list goes on. Looks like I won’t be driving by this place anymore. I’ve got too many flavors to test!


New Beauty Testtube Rocks!

October 21, 2008

I first started getting the Test Tube a year ago when my ever-so-stylish friend, Julie, referred me to this amazing program from New Beauty Magazine.

For $29.95, four times a year, you’ll receive a “test tube” filled with the latest and best beauty products delivered right to your door. Everything from high-end eye cremes and face lotions, to mineral makeup and whitening toothpaste. Most items are generous samples but sometimes you’ll even get an entire product. Also included is a great marketing piece that tells you the details on each product. You can also review the products and give feedback on

It’s so fun to get the test tube in the mail too…you never know when it’s going to arrive and it just shows up on your doorstep four times a year (such a great surprise you almost forget that you paid for it). My friend Julie screams, “It’s Testtube day!!!” when she sees the odd-shaped package in the mail. Funniest part about it? Her husband knows exactly what she’s excited about. He just shakes his head in wonder as she rips open the package and begins to unveil her new lotions and eye creams.

My favorite samples (which have lead me to buy the “real thing”) include Peter Thomas Roth’s Anti-Aging Buffing Beads, and my absolute favorite, Pores No More by Dr.Brandt. Pores No More works WONDERS and has become a best-seller! Now don’t get me wrong, both of these items are a pretty penny when you buy the entire product, but used wisely and sparingly, they are well worth the money!

Tip: use them on the weekends only or for date night. You’ll feel like a million bucks.


Breakin’ by JibJab SendablesĀ®eCards

October 17, 2008
Try JibJab SendablesĀ® eCards today!

One word. HILARIOUS.

So, my friend recently sent me this personalized e-card from (I’ve been known to breakdance on occasion.) Anyways, if you haven’t already received a JibJab eCard, or seen one of their animations, be prepared – you’ll be sure to laugh so hard that you may end up having trouble catching your breath. I sure did. (I hate to admit it, but I may have even snorted!)

Now JibJab has been around for a while, but it wasn’t until recently that they started offering personlized eCards. I remember watching “This Land” – a political original “starring” Bush and Kerry four years ago. And now there’s one with Obama and McCain. Both very comical (if not too offensive for your taste).

And there’s lots more where that came from. There’s one for everything – from birthday’s, invitations, holidays, thank you’s, celebrity spoofs, and some that are “just for fun.” Their latest technology allows you to easily add your own pictures and crop them to fit the images. Just a couple minutes of online fun (get out of the gutter) can change the entire out look of your day. Promise, you’ll be showing everyone in the office.

The cost, you ask? They do have several free e-cards, but it’s well worth the $5 monthly fee or $15 yearly fee to get the top-notch eCards. Point blank. They’re ridiculous.

So take a break from that report you’ve been trying to print all morning. Check out JibJab. Join for free. Or get a membership. Start making your friends and family laugh until they cry. I promise, you won’t be disappointed.

These guys are genius.


“Whisper Rocker” Joshua Radin

October 11, 2008

I first saw (and met) this sing-songwriter and Cleveland, Ohio, native about 3 years ago at a small local venue. Joshua Radin was on his first tour – and I was one of the few fans in the audience. He was opening for Mat Kearny, but we (a friend and I) were there to see Josh. We soon realized we were the only ones there to see him. It was still a great show and we were lucky to get to talk to him for a while after the show. He’s just a nice, extremely talented, mid-western guy living in L.A. trying to do his thing – the right way. His sound is a mix of folk and acoustic, or what he self-coined as “whisper rock.” He’s also been compared to a modern-day Simon and Garfunkel.

I had first heard his single “Winter” on an episode of Scrubs and began frantically searching for the songs’ artist. I later learned that it was his friend and one of his biggest fans, Zach Braff (aka JD from Scrubs) who helped him get his music on the show. But his music speaks for itself – as four other songs from his debit album were later used. Word about Josh quickly spread – tv shows like Grey’s Anatomy and Brother’s and Sisters, and movies The Last Kiss and Catch and Release also featured Josh’s music. And these are just a few who picked him up.

After downloading his songs from his debut album, We Were Here, from iTunes, I was immediately hooked. Of course, I began enthusiastically telling my friends about this new artist I had “found.” I am a big fan of spreading the word about new artists – especially if you can listen to all the the songs on a album. Very rare!
His sophomore album, Simple Times, was released on iTunes on Sept. 9th, 2008. His soulful lyrics and new “whisper rock” album did not disappoint. Although all the songs stand out, my absolute favorites include the first single released, “I’d Rather Be With You” and others “They Bring Me To You”, “You’ve Got Growing Up To Do” (Featuring Patty Griffin), and “Sky” (featuring Ingrid Michaelson).

The best part about Josh and his new album?
Josh recently bought himself out of his Columbia Records contract after they told him they liked his sophomore release songs, but they wanted him to write a top-forty hit. That’s just not Josh. Nor is it his style. Josh refused and pretty much gave his entire bank account to Columbia to get out of the deal. He’s now back on the road, touring old-school style again. Which is a bonus for us because he’s touring small venues. I encourage you download his albums if you have not yet, and if you get the chance, definitely go see him live.

He’s in it for the music and his fans, and that only. My kinda guy.

Watch the video of Josh on The Daily 10.

picture of Josh courtesy of
paste magazine