How do you measure ROI when it comes to Social Media?

Today, I ran across Oliver Blanchard’s Social Media ROI slideshow and found it to be creative, funny, fresh and most importantly – very helpful advice. This is definitely a fantastic tool for businesses and marketing professionals alike, giving a real view of how clients, and those not “in tune” with social media view their campaigns. Bottom line…many times they don’t care. I have been at fault in many cases, trying to show clients how social media has brought them more blog comments, more twitter followers and website visitors. But Blanchard is completely right…who cares when you can’t see the real ROI ($$$)?


Overall, I’ve learned the single most important component to a social media campaign is to have a PLAN…and by plan, I mean a set of realistic goals that can be easily measured. Write it down. Measure your results. Be consistent. Don’t give up. Below are my top three rules to live by when beginning a new social media campaign:

1. Set goals, but make them realistic.
2. Be proactive and committed to your campaign.
3. Be patient, it will happen.


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