High Quality Photos = More Customers? Quite possibly so…


The saying “you pay for what you get” is certainly no lie when it comes to marketing your product and/or services. This is especially true when promoting your business online and with marketing collateral. Using high-quality photography for both is a great way to spend your money and get people excited about what you do – be it a pizza joint or selling a baby product.

Sure, with many service-oriented companies, you can probably get away with stock photos. I use istock often and they have great photography for a great price. But when trying to promote the uniqueness of what your business does, it takes original and personal photos to take you to that next level.

Botton line. Don’t short cut this portion of your marketing efforts if you really want to stand out from the crowd.

Take the time to find a good photographer who knows what they’re doing. I know what you’re thinking…in this economy, who has the money? The truth is, there are many talented photographers (some just out of school) who who are willing to work with you to meet your budget needs. All you have to do is ask. You’d be surprised.

I recently worked with Anne Anderson of FotoWonder on a web project with Small Box Web Design. The client, Usual Suspects restaurant (upstairs) and The Casba bar (downstairs) had two completely different atmospheres and wanted to portray their locations on a single website – difficult because they are very different from one another. The client was hesitate to spend money on photography, but I convinced them the importance of showing their unique food selections and the contrasting ambiances. After all, that’s what they’re trying to do, appeal to new clientele and current customers (many don’t even know they serve excellent food!).

Check out a few of the photos FotoWonder took  (below). I was so impressed with her work and creative food shots! The client fell in love with the photos and can now see why it will be so important for their new website. (I’ll report back with the final web design from Small Box Web). Check out FotoWonder’s blog for more imaginative photography!

Case and point.


Yummy Shimp Pasta at Usual Suspects

Caprese Salad at Usual Suspects

Caprese Salad at Usual Suspects

Fresh Squeezed "Pearl Jam" at Usual Suspects

Fresh Squeezed "Pearl Jam" at Usual Suspects

Upstairs at Usual Suspects

Upstairs at Usual Suspects

Downstairs at The Casba

Downstairs at The Casba


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