FREE Compliments and High Fives Welcome!

Gaining attention from The Chicago Tribune, The Oprah Show and several other national media outlets, I thought this was great story to share in times when we’re all looking for some positive news.

Two sophomores from Purdue University (which just happens my Alma Mater) have decided that they have heard enough of negative news lately. They’re taking matters into their own hands and are on a mission to cheer up students on their way to class.

Sophomores Brett Westcott, a civil engineering major and Cameron Brown, a business management major, stand on a well-traveled walkway in the middle of campus every Wednesday offering compliments to strangers – anything from “nice plaid coat!” to “You’re hair looks great today!”. The so-called “Compliment Guys” are apparently not affiliated with any groups or involved in any fraternity initiation ritual – they just want to brighten people’s days. Some students find themselves changing their commutes just to get the free compliments.

I mean, if Oprah’s team is looking for you, you must have done something pretty spectacular!

See the press release


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