Rickroll…blast from the past? Or is he back?

As I was preparing my appetizers for today’s Thanksgiving dinner, I happily had the Macy’s Day Parade on in the background. A blast from the past moment was when Rick Astley magically appeared on one of the floats. I quickly put down my knife, stopped cutting my vegetables and got 2 feet way from the TV to watch what was coming next. I admit it…I was extremely excited to hear him “sing” his 1987 hit ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’…an oldie but damn goodie! He’s still adorable as ever…hair not quite as red and he has definitely put on a few pounds, but come on, it was over 20 years ago! That makes him about 45 years old?! Next, avoiding my T-giving duties even further, I went on YouTube and was pleasantly surprised by all of the Rick Astley fan videos! (and thanks to a VH1’s Pop Up Video, I learned a lot about his past too. BTW, what ever happened to Pop Up Video?) Anyways, here’s a music video I found on YouTube – you’re gonna remember just how much you loved Rickroll (FYI, this what all his fans call his music).

I hope this guy makes a big come back! But can I make one request to Rick? Please don’t stop making cheesy love songs…that’s what we love about you.


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