Red velvet ice cream? You’re killing me now.

I have to admit, with the weather get colder, I’ve been craving hot apple cider, hot chocolate, and every single “spiced” flavored coffee they put out there for you at Starbucks. But today was different, it was the coldest day yet, and I was craving…ice cream?! The body works in weird ways.

Anyways, after having a long day of running errands (is buying a pair of new boots an errand?), I NEEDED to treat myself (and my ridiculous craving!) to something chocolaty and cold. I pulled into the first place I could find because my taste buds were getting the best of me. I pulled into Maggie Moo’s. Now, I’ve passed Maggie Moo’s Ice Cream and Treatery for the many years, but NEVER allowed myself to go in. Boy did I ruin that because today I had the best ice cream flavor that I have ever had. Hands down. I had their new Red Relvet flavor and I of course put a topping in it – chocolate chips. I am a sucker for the amazing red velvet cupcakes that have choc chips in them from the cute cupcake shop down the street and I was trying to imitate the flavor. Let me tell you, it tasted exactly like the cupcake!

For years, I thought Maggie Moo’s was just a local joint, but I was completely wrong when I saw that they had Nicole Kidman’s favorite flavors posted like a trophy. This is a very large franchise. Who knew? Check out and see if there’s one in your neighborhood. Try the red velvet, or even one of their trademarked flavors I was eyeing – Better Batter, Cinnamoo, Cool Mint, Buttered Popcorn…and the list goes on. Looks like I won’t be driving by this place anymore. I’ve got too many flavors to test!



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