New Beauty Testtube Rocks!

I first started getting the Test Tube a year ago when my ever-so-stylish friend, Julie, referred me to this amazing program from New Beauty Magazine.

For $29.95, four times a year, you’ll receive a “test tube” filled with the latest and best beauty products delivered right to your door. Everything from high-end eye cremes and face lotions, to mineral makeup and whitening toothpaste. Most items are generous samples but sometimes you’ll even get an entire product. Also included is a great marketing piece that tells you the details on each product. You can also review the products and give feedback on

It’s so fun to get the test tube in the mail too…you never know when it’s going to arrive and it just shows up on your doorstep four times a year (such a great surprise you almost forget that you paid for it). My friend Julie screams, “It’s Testtube day!!!” when she sees the odd-shaped package in the mail. Funniest part about it? Her husband knows exactly what she’s excited about. He just shakes his head in wonder as she rips open the package and begins to unveil her new lotions and eye creams.

My favorite samples (which have lead me to buy the “real thing”) include Peter Thomas Roth’s Anti-Aging Buffing Beads, and my absolute favorite, Pores No More by Dr.Brandt. Pores No More works WONDERS and has become a best-seller! Now don’t get me wrong, both of these items are a pretty penny when you buy the entire product, but used wisely and sparingly, they are well worth the money!

Tip: use them on the weekends only or for date night. You’ll feel like a million bucks.



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