“Whisper Rocker” Joshua Radin

I first saw (and met) this sing-songwriter and Cleveland, Ohio, native about 3 years ago at a small local venue. Joshua Radin was on his first tour – and I was one of the few fans in the audience. He was opening for Mat Kearny, but we (a friend and I) were there to see Josh. We soon realized we were the only ones there to see him. It was still a great show and we were lucky to get to talk to him for a while after the show. He’s just a nice, extremely talented, mid-western guy living in L.A. trying to do his thing – the right way. His sound is a mix of folk and acoustic, or what he self-coined as “whisper rock.” He’s also been compared to a modern-day Simon and Garfunkel.

I had first heard his single “Winter” on an episode of Scrubs and began frantically searching for the songs’ artist. I later learned that it was his friend and one of his biggest fans, Zach Braff (aka JD from Scrubs) who helped him get his music on the show. But his music speaks for itself – as four other songs from his debit album were later used. Word about Josh quickly spread – tv shows like Grey’s Anatomy and Brother’s and Sisters, and movies The Last Kiss and Catch and Release also featured Josh’s music. And these are just a few who picked him up.

After downloading his songs from his debut album, We Were Here, from iTunes, I was immediately hooked. Of course, I began enthusiastically telling my friends about this new artist I had “found.” I am a big fan of spreading the word about new artists – especially if you can listen to all the the songs on a album. Very rare!
His sophomore album, Simple Times, was released on iTunes on Sept. 9th, 2008. His soulful lyrics and new “whisper rock” album did not disappoint. Although all the songs stand out, my absolute favorites include the first single released, “I’d Rather Be With You” and others “They Bring Me To You”, “You’ve Got Growing Up To Do” (Featuring Patty Griffin), and “Sky” (featuring Ingrid Michaelson).

The best part about Josh and his new album?
Josh recently bought himself out of his Columbia Records contract after they told him they liked his sophomore release songs, but they wanted him to write a top-forty hit. That’s just not Josh. Nor is it his style. Josh refused and pretty much gave his entire bank account to Columbia to get out of the deal. He’s now back on the road, touring old-school style again. Which is a bonus for us because he’s touring small venues. I encourage you download his albums if you have not yet, and if you get the chance, definitely go see him live.

He’s in it for the music and his fans, and that only. My kinda guy.

Watch the video of Josh on The Daily 10.

picture of Josh courtesy of
paste magazine


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